Getting access

Eligible LJMU staff and students (see Policies) wishing to obtain an account on Prospero should submit a ticket to the HPC section of the LJMU IT Helpdesk, to request the creation of an account.

Per the usage policy, research collaborators at external institutions with a genuine need to use Prospero may also obtain an account. They must first register with LJMU Human resources as an external consultant in order to obtain an ITS account, after which their LJMU sponsor may request the creation of a Prospero account for them via the helpdesk.

Logging on

Access to the terminal on the gateway node(s) is via SSH. The gateway’s address is

As a security measure, Prospero uses a non-standard SSH port (10022), therefore this port must be specified via the -p argument, e.g.

ssh -p 10022

A more elegant solution is to add a code snippet to your .ssh/config in which you can specify that this port should always be used when connecting to Prospero:

    User ITSusername
    Port 10022

SSH config files can be used to specify many useful settings, as explained in the manual man 5 ssh_config.