Linux desktop access via VNC

Here is a quick guide on how to access to the login02 via VNC

  1. Log in to Prospero

  2. Run the command

flight desktop start
  1. This will generate a session and display session information such as port, password and display number.

  1. As the ports are restricted for Prospero a SSH tunnel is required to access the VNC session. This can easily be done in MobaXterm or a regular terminal in MacOSX with the following command.

ssh -L <Port><Port> <Username> -p 10022
  1. Once logged in again with your details you can open up your choice of VNC viewer. In my example, I use TigerVNC as it has a portable executable and doesn’t require admin rights.

  2. Put in localhost:<Display>

  1. It will prompt you for a password this will be the password that is shown the image above.