Getting help & support

To request support please raise a query on the LJMU Helpdesk. You can find the HPC query form under ITS Services -> High Performance Computing. Users not on the LJMU network can access the LJMU helpdesk by using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Client.


Who runs the system?

Prospero is hosted and administered by LJMU ITS. Specialist support for the system is also provided by a third party company, Alces Flight. Users do not liaise directly with Alces, but with ITS staff via the LJMU Helpdesk.

For academic/research questions rather than technical, please contact Prof. Rob Crain.

I would like new software installing, how do I request this?

System-wide package installs can be requested by raising a query on the LJMU Helpdesk. Installs are usually completed within 48 hrs and made available to users via module files.

How do I copy large files to/from Prospero?

We recommend using rsync. If there is sufficient interest, we will investigate the establishment of a Globus Endpoint on the gateway node.

Training resources created by the Prospero user community